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Beyonce Baby Announcement Breaks Instagram

In the past hours, nothing has made more news than the carter family expecting to add to new member to their team. Beyonce made the announcement that she was pregnant with twins via a Renaissance art-esque Instagram post.

Without doubt we all knew how much impact this would have only we didn’t expect it to make Instagram history as at the moment the post has around 6,308,000 likes making it the most liked Instagram post to date.

Beyonce’s Instagram went crazy after the announcement

Beyonce Baby Announcement Breaks Instagram - Spur Magazine
Singer and actress Beyonce announced on her Instagram page Wednesday that she and husband Jay Z are expecting twins.


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This has pushed Selena Gomez’s record of 6,305,000 likes she got in 2016 of a sponsored post of her slurping down a coke. The only difference is Selena has 108 million followers compared to Beyoncé’s 92.8 million and Selena still holds on to the most popular Instagram account.

Spur Magazine wishes the Carter family all the best.

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