Casablanca Fire, Planned Sabotage? - Spur Magazine

Casablanca Fire, Planned Sabotage?

Casablanca bar and restaurant in Kansanga was left to nothing but a pile of ashes when a gruesome fire brought down the once prestigious happening spot yesterday morning at around 10am.

Was this an act of jealous competition taking down the new popular bar or just another case of bad luck? Kansanga has a number of bars & restaurants competing for customers left and right such as Deuces & De Javu Pub.

The cause of the fire is still unknown and no one died. We have learned that the property destroyed in the fire included TV screens, speakers and furniture.

Police responded to the emergency as soon as they could but there was little they could do to save Casa as much of it had already burnt.

Casablanca Fire, Planned Sabotage? - Spur Magazine

“We have successfully put out the fire at Casablanca bar. Property has been destroyed but no fatalities or injuries have been reported,” Police tweeted.

Pictures of Casablanca bar ashes

Casablanca Fire, Planned Sabotage? - Spur Magazine

Casablanca Fire, Planned Sabotage? 1

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