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DeepCoder: An A.I That Can Write Its Own Code


The future of A.I (Artificial Intelligence) is getting brighter by the day as companies like Google and Microsoft have invested billions of dollars in developing the next generation of super computers.

A team of researchers at Microsoft and University of Cambridge have developed an Artificial Intelligence that’ll write code all by itself.

The A.I is called ‘DeepCoder’ and from the reports we got, one will be able to present their idea to the A.I and let it do all the necessary code in just seconds. This will not only revoluntionise Internet business as we know it but a dark future awaits those that have spent their lives and resources in becoming software developers.

According to Armando Solar-Lezama a professor at MIT, DeepCoder may not necessary put software developers out of business but, it will give the programmers a chance to work with more sophisticated problems, while the AI takes care of the tedious dirty-work.


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How does DeepCoder work?

It works through a method called program synthesis, which essentially means stealing lines of code from other finished software.

At the moment, DeepCoder still has a long way to go but its capbale of solving basic programming challenges not more than five lines of code at a time. But, it’s just starting out.

The advantages of DeepCoder are that it can work faster & swiftly to put together programs in ways humans may not have been able to. Plus, it has a great memory – reminding itself which code worked last time and which didn’t.

My opinion of DeepCoder

DeepCoder presents a brighter future for non-coders and a limitless number of possibilities on how to handle programming problems giving software developers a huge leap in application development.

But, is it really a savior or a sign to mankind that very soon machines are going to take our jobs.

Some even believe that A.I may eventually become self-aware and veiw mankind as a threat hence leading to war. If you watched the Terminator movies, you definietly get the idea.

However, DeepCoder is an amazing revelation and will change the course of history in the programming arena. But those that worry about losing their jobs, keeping an open mind & adapting to the changes so that you don’t go extinct.

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