Donald Trump Caught Peeping at Wife’s Vote


Trump is full of drama, but today it got even better when he was snapped taking a cheeky peek at his wife, Melania as she was voting. Isn’t marriage supposed to be about trust?

Was he worried she gave a deep long thought about his crazy policy of wanting to close off borders and deal with most immigrants in America? After all she is an immigrant herself.

We might never know the real reason why Trump was peeking into his wife’s private ballot, but we are sure we are going to enjoy the memes and tweets already bustling around the internet.

Our personal favourite by Chelsea Handler, “When you’re worried that your wife copied off of Michelle again.”

In a tweet, Alex Howard, a senior analyst at the Sunlight Foundation — a non-partisan organization that holds the government accountable, included a link to the New York election laws. The underline segment reads:

The operating of the ballot scanner by the voter while voting or the use of a privacy booth or ballot marking device for marking a ballot shall be secret and obscured from all other persons except as provided by this chapter in cases of voting by assisted voters or in cases of children under the age of sixteen accompanying their voting parents or guardians.

In this case, it appears Trump violated his wife’s privacy. For a man who rants so much about how the law is always favouring Hillary, he sure never stops breaking them!

You can find some interesting tweets and memes here and here.


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