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Is Trump Worried About The Electoral College Vote?


Donald Trump has had a rough start since he became preisdent-elect, and with speculations flying around over the Electoral Collage vote coming in next week. Trump doesn’t seem to be that much bothered by the out come.

538 electors will be gathering on December-19th to cast their final votes. Do we expect to see a change in the Electoral College vote? Well truth is we’re not sure but the tycoon may or may not be worried as such as his title of president-elect may be stripped from him.


“Obviously people are hoping for the Electoral College to do one thing over another depending on where you lean on the subject, but one person that is not sweating it is Donald himself.

He is confident that nothing will happen and nothing will be done to change the outcome that would make major political waves or changes going into 2017.”

A source told


What does Doanld say about the electoral collage?

Is Trump Worried About The Electoral College Vote? - Spur Magazine

Donald Trump lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton during the general election but managed to take 306 votes from the Electoral College inorder to secure his presidency.

Much as it may seem, Trump doesn’t need to be that worried since most states have laws that require electors to vote according to their state’s popular votes which means nothing will change.

Well, this year’s election was quite an adventure and we can’t rule out the possibility something may actually make history. The world is full of miracles.

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