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Jaden Smith Wants To Become A Babe

Jaden Smith decides to become a woman as his family is against it. Rumors have been said for years that Will’s son Jaden is gay. Per now it’s being reported that it is true since has been at least been seen in his new role as he features in the new Netflix series,The Get Down” where his character is gay (or at least bisexual).

It has been said that Jaden has a couple of love scenes where he still acts as gay. Heavily circulating rumors lament that Jaden Smith wants to surgically remove his d*ck but his family has played this down.

Both rumors have never been accepted or rejected by Jaden himself. Now his father is outraged since his son might soon be revealing his greatest fears-not of being gay but of removing his penis to become a babe.

Jaden isn’t the only one who has come out of the closet, his own sister, Willow Smith was once believed to have been a lesbian in 2015 after false reports based on an Instagram photos came out suggesting she had come clean. These a worrying times for the Smith family and this time around, this isn’t a hoax.

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