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Jennifer Lopez & Drake Are Definitely Banging


2016 has had its share of Hollywood couples now and then but Jennifer Lopez and Drake’s relationship definitely caught us by surprise. And by that I mean, age is just a number if its all fun and games.

If 2016 had a trophy for the most exciting plot twists, Lopez and Drake would be on it. These two have caused a media rampage and everyone is asking about what really is going between these two.

Is it love or just another ploy to pull media attention.A source told E! News that the romance going on between these two isn’t just a silly fling but 100% legit. Though based on reports, it may not be as serious as everyone may think.An insider says that sexy J.Lo is just enjoying her time with Drake as a “friend companion” but doesn’t consider him as a serious boyfriend.

That statement alone is enough to put anyone in a friend zone but with images of them together flying around, a lot is left to wonder as to whether Jenny from the block is just having fun.

Drizzy and J. Lo were caught kissing & cuddling like two kittens in a basket and there moments together have made headlines with pictures of their outings showing their affection for one another on social media quite a spectacle.

Jennifer Lopez & Drake Are Definitely Banging - Spur Magazine
A photo posted on Instagram earlier this week of J.Lo cuddling up on Drake’s lap while he wrapped his arms around her caused a media storm.

We don’t know how long this so called friendship is going to last but we’re hoping for more action & drama come 2017.

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Jennifer Lopez & Drake Are Definitely Banging 1

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