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Minister Kabafunzaki Nabbed with Bribe at Serena

Minister for Labor, Employment and Industrial Relations, Herbert Kabafunzaki has been nabbed redhanded with more than shs.30 million bribe at Serena Hotel.

He was arrested at Serena.

Mr. Kabafunzaki is 41 years old, a politician, the MP for Rubanda County, Kabale and a member of the NRM. He is a very strong advocate for the NRM and believed everyone should join the ruling party.


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The minister has been very vocal about fighting for the rights of people taken abroad for employment by companies like Middle East Consultants yet some are cheated through high prices for cheaper services like passports.

He has also been trying to help get Ugandans the priority during employment opportunities by International companies handling government contracts.

Minister Kabafunzaki Nabbed with Bribe at Serena 1

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