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MTV Base: Miserable List of Top 10 Ug Hip Hop Artists

MTV Base just went on rampage without clear permission of the Ugandan people and listed their top 10 Hip Hop artists. We should be proud but it doesn’t matter if the ones listed aren’t we expect as top 10 worthy.

According to Sqoop Uganda, the list was determined by lady who goes by names of Gloria Haguma, a fashion and pop culture expert in Uganda.

“Hip Hop artistes are not doing just music; they are also into fashion brands.”, she said.

She also said that hip hop and rap are thriving in the country. At least that is what she told MTV Base officials when they contacted her for a comment about Ugandan Hip Hop before they made a list of what they believe are the top 10 Ugandan artistes.

MTV Base List of Top 10 Ugandan Hip Hop Artists

Now we see why list sucks big time. At least a few good names made it through to the list but next time some one mentions fashion as one of the contributing factors for talent, we put a stop to their actions.

Some of the names are like cob webs, we’re not even sure whether some of the artists are dead or alive.


2.The Myth




6.Flex Dpaper


8.St Nellysade


10.Pryce Teeba

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MTV Base: Miserable List of Top 10 Ug Hip Hop Artists 1

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