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Muhoozi Becomes Obsolete in Museveni’s Government

On February 3rd 2015, according to The Observer president Museveni while at Masaka Liberation Square once made remarks that he didn’t need anyone’s advice on how to run this country. Following yesterday morning military reshuffles, the first son was placed as a Special Presidential Advisor relieving him of his duties in the Special Forces Command.

Over the years, being a presidential adviser has been deemed a mockery as by the end of 2016, Museveni had over 140 presidential advisors most of whom were politicians who had lost their touch in the game but president still wanted to see them around. These include the likes of Apollo Nsibambi.

This is a frustrating job as over the years some advisors like former Kampala mayor Nasser Ssebaggala have resigned on claims that the president ignores their advice.

Back in 2011 according to The Daily Monitor, senior presidential adviser John Nagenda expressed his concern on how Museveni was no longer listening to advice to a point that he was attributing it to old age of the president.


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So why would Museveni give his son a role he regards as useless?

Such a placement has raised eyebrows among Ugandans with many thinking that Muhoozi Kainerugaba might have lost his touch or is the president trying to distance the son from the army to fully launch him into politics exposing him to how things really work.

Muhoozi has over the years built his military expertise and it would be the best time for him to build his political ground under the tutelage of his father as he publicly acts as his advisor.

Tutorship of leaders is not a new concept as Alexander the Great was tutored by Aristotle till the age of 16 only to succeed his father at 20 and become one of the most successful military commanders.

Its best to remember that Maj Gen Muhoozi has been regarded as one of the fastest rising men in the ranks of the army. He joined the army close to the turn of the millennium and in 12 years he was a brigadier as a survey conducted involving 25 senior ranking officers saw them take an individual average of more than two decades.

In 2016, Muhoozi achieved the 3rd highest rank in the army of major general the same rank that took Lieutenant General Henry Tumukunde 15 years to achieve and Matayo Kyaligonza 24 years.

However, let’s not overlook his exceptional military training from some of the best institutions like the Egyptian Military Academy, US Army Command and General Staff College, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and South African Defense College.

Many were worried that the next reshuffle was to see Kainerugaba climb more ranks but this should be more worrying as it seems Muhoozi is demarcating his entry into politics. Don’t be surprised when a man with military expertise joins politics as Ugandan history clearly is in favor of militants ruling.

Muhoozi Becomes Obsolete in Museveni’s Government 1

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