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Nakumatt Supermarket Might Close in Uganda

Nakumatt Supermarket which was growing to be almost the biggest supermarket in Uganda with several branches in Kampala and some in other districts like Gulu and Mbarara might leave soon. It had grown so powerful, it bought off several branches from Quality Supermarket and Shoprite so as to expand.

Last year, several reports circulated around in main stream media and news about the collapse and potential closing of Nakumatt Uganda. Several of its branches are now closed and only Nakumatt Bugolobi and Nakumatt Oasis Mall are left.

Most of these remaining branches are just holding on by a thread since they barely have enough stock left with no signs of replenishing it.

Even the party excited teens who would flock and drink from the Nakumatt Oasis parking lot have abandoned it, people rarely abandon their drink that easily.

This is not a new trend since popular foreign supermarkets like Shoprite survived a similar fate and were probably bailed out by HQ in South Africa.

Uchumi Uganda collapsed gradually until people abandoned it, perishable food stuffs rotted and some shelves went empty until URA came knocking and it filed for bankruptcy. Uchumi exited the market, unhappy citing foul play from others and the government as its remaining assets were auctioned.


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A similar fate now has befallen Nakumatt which claims there are many hidden forces at play they are not at liberty to reveal other than the stinging economy.

Our scouts found out that this could be common untold story of the malice the powerful people behind Mega Standard Supermarket are using to drive out competition so as to remain the dominant number one store in Uganda.

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Nakumatt Uganda management didn’t offer any comment or official statement on the matter and there is no conclusive evidence to back up the story.

We hope though that by God’s grace some how, they will recover and offer us more great products from their “Nakumatt Blue Label” brand and cheaper prices.

Even if they leave, Capital Shoppers, Game (owned by Walmart now), Shoprite and Quality Supermarket are still going strong.

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