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Nokia Returns: With Android!

Do you miss that old Nokia phone that could fall and leave a dent in the tile or pavement?

It was sad too many when Nokia took too long to catch up on the smartphone era and when it did, it did so with a the unpopular Windows OS on its Lumia phones and didn’t perform so well. This is why Nokia later sold its mobile division to Microsoft.

Great news! A Finnish company formed by former Arto Nummela called HMD has licensed the Nokia brand from Microsoft to use the name on its upcoming phones and tablets, made a partnership with Google to work closely on developing a customized Android OS for the phones and Foxconn to manufacture the devices.

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The first devices are to be expected by early 2017, HMD said they will also included basic feature phones like the old Nokia phones we so much love, Android smartphones and tablets. The company is still hush hush about the exact specs but we are assured they will be awesome.

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HMD has employees who have worked with amazing companies such as Siemens, Orange, HTC, Nokia and their Marketing Chief is the former CEO of Rovio which makes Angry Birds, the game.

Nokia will keep receiving royalties for the brand and patents but will not offer any investment or support. HMD aims to bring back the Nokia glory in the countries that always loved the brand such as Indonesia, India, Russia and continents like Africa.

Will Nokia be able to take on giants like Samsung, Apple and TCL? We can’t wait to test the devices and know!

Want to know more? You can read the official HMD Press Release.

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