#PLEResults16 Making Rounds on Twitter 1
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#PLEResults16 Making Rounds on Twitter

The much awaited PLE Results for 2016 were released by the Minister of Education and Sports, Hon. Janet Museveni Kataha at a press conference covered by several media agencies.

In summary 640833 pupils sat, 76% were UPE beneficiaries, 12391 centers registered whereas 152,657 (24%) were from non-UPE and over 50% of the candidates who completed  were female.

Could this mean we are having more kids in urban centers dropping out of school before even P.7? It was also noted that girls performed better than the boys at English though the boys took reigns for the rest of the subjects.

Like always Ugandans take a kick out of what would have been the dullest moments and make them humourous and memorable. In case you missed it, the #PLEResults16 hashtag on Twitter was trending and is very lit!

We made a pick of some of our best entries.

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#PLEResults16 Making Rounds on Twitter 2

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