Ugandan Police Officer Caught Having Sex with COVID-19 Patient | Spurzine

Ugandan Police Officer Caught Having Sex with COVID-19 Patient


A police officer has been arrested and quarantined in Busia after he was caught having sex with a female COVID-19 patient quarantined at the Agricultural Training Centre (ATC).

The ATC quarantine facility is believed to be guarded by three police officers and three prison warders 24/7. The centre admits COVID-19 patients from the Busia GK Prison and the neighbouring community. The two groups (inmates and ordinary citizens) are, however, kept in separate wards.

In the late hours of Thursday, one of the prison warders guarding the facility, identified as Police Constable Emmanuel Ng’etich, began engaging a COVID-19 patient in a conversation. Another prison warder, Police Constable Jeff Obondo, who was puzzled by Ng’etich’s actions, went to the guardroom to inform his colleagues about what Ng’etich was doing.

“All the officers [thereafter] went to check what was happening. However, they did not find Ng’etich and the COVID-19 patient. [As a result], they became suspicious and started looking around. Several minutes past 10 pm, they heard noise and commotion emanating from the women’s ward,” says a police report filed at the Busia Police Station at 00:30 am Friday, July 17.

“The police officers rushed there and found all the female patients outside, complaining that Police Constable Ng’etich was raping the lady [she had earlier struck a conversation with].”

The investigations into the incident are still ongoing after a police officer was caught having sex with a Covid-19 patient

Authorities say when they went into the woman’s room, they found her and Ng’etich naked in bed.

Ugandan Police Officer Caught Having Sex with COVID-19 Patient | Spurzine

Patients being tested by the WHO medical team.

One of the women quarantined at the facility, however, told police that the said COVID-19 patient had consented to sexual intercourse with Police Constable Ng’etich, but only changed her narrative when she learned that the other female COVID-19 patients in the ward had known what she and the cop were doing.

Police Constable Ng’etich has since been arrested and quarantined at the same facility. His firearm was confiscated by senior officers from the Busia GK Prison. The cop’s samples have also been taken for coronavirus testing.

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