Protests in USA Against Donald Trump as President 3

Protests in USA Against Donald Trump as President


President elect Donald Trump is facing an ever-growing number of protests in several states around America after he defeated Hillary Clinton in the concluded presidential elections.

Donald Trump’s victory came as a shock to many and it is still a lot for some to take in. This can be seen from the various photos on the Internet of people crying and in sombre mood.

There is also a fraction of people who have openly rejected Donald Trump as president through social media, blogs and on interviews and it’s fuelled the more with some celebs encouraging people not to give in.

People took to the streets on Wednesday night to protest the election result, some with placards showing, “Not My President” and others asking Trump be impeached and not allowed to lead.

Protests in USA Against Donald Trump as President 4

This has been case in several places such as New York, Chicago, Washington, LA, Portland, Philadelphia, Boston, Oregon, Minnesota, etc. There were some Americans in California who were thinking of extremes like CalExit which probably will not happen. 

Some universities and colleges have sympathized with students and made their tests and exams optional, take at home or postponed to give them time to process and come to terms with the new president.

Some of the protests however turned disruptive and violent in some states such as damage of property, cars, beating up Trump supporters , disrupting freeway traffic but these were dealt with and many arrested.

Donald Trump initially tweeted that protests against him yet he won legally were being unfair but later tweeted saying he was impressed with how passionate the people were protesting so as to shape the direction of their country.

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Trump’s aide has called upon outgoing President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to talk to the public and encourage the people to stop the protests which were going out of hand and encourage a peaceful transition.


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