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Red Nose Day Convoy Celebs Drive to Kadama, Uganda

The Red Nose Day campaign run by Comic Relief snuck Emeli Sande into Uganda last month, now it sent a couple of celebrities on a road trip they started in Kenya entering Uganda on February, 9th 2017.

The celebs have tried to cover their movements and experience through the hashtag #RedNoseConvoy and The @RedNoseDay Twitter account.

Some of the celebs include Russell Kane, Katy Brand, Michaela Coel, David Baddiel and Hugh Dennis. They were hosted live on the BBC One show airing from their road trip in Uganda yesterday at 7pm British time.

They drove until Kadama in Budaka near Paliisa district, Eastern Uganda with a trailer full of donated bicycles to help the widows and women there.

The aim is to help health workers at “Kadama Widows (KWA)” move better and respond much faster to help HIV patients as well as help them deliver care, relief and drugs to them.

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KWA is a community based organisation in Budaka, Uganda that was set up by a group of widows with similar needs and issues to support widows and children.

Of late several celebs are coming into Uganda to help with charitable causes and many often go unnoticed until they have left the country, Forest Whitaker has been around too but he’s not here with the Red Nose Day group though.


Red Nose Day Convoy Celebs Drive to Kadama, Uganda 1

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