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Seeta High Student Beaten To Pulp By Teacher

A pissed off sister with a student at Seeta High School Mbalala, posted a picture of her badly beaten younger sister on social media which went viral a few hours later.

The names of the girl haven’t been verified yet but a concerned OB of the school had to re-share the picture allover Facebook to gain the attention of the media over student mistreatment in Ugandan schools.

The pictures show a young girl laying on her back with serious lashes probably from a bamboo cane. The suspected teacher in question goes by the names of Mr. Songa, who is quite known for his brutal punishments.

The babe was concerned and alarmed by the mistreatment of her a young sweet baby sister and decided to share her pictures with the rest on social media.

The story is still developing and we are yet to hear a response from the school administration about this incident. The Seeta High Schools are owned by John Chrysestom Muyingo, the current  State Minister for Higher Education in the Ugandan Cabinet.

Picture of the child that received harsh kibokos

Seeta High Student Beaten To Pulp By Teacher - Spur Magazine

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Seeta High Student Beaten To Pulp By Teacher 1

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