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Snoop Dogg Disses President Donald Trump


Rapper Snoop Dogg is clearly one of the rappers in history you don’t want to start a feud with evident with his past hiphop beefs. Snoop Dogg released a new music video that throws serious shade at Trump.

And clearly Donald Trump was not pleased at all, he had the time to wake up early at 7a.m in the morning just tweet his dismay.


The new song is called, “Lavender” and Trump is made because he is shown as an orange faced clown who Snoop Dogg points a toy gun at and pulls the trigger.


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This is not a good time for President Trump, Kanye deserted him, his policy repealing Obama care will affect more than 24 Million people who were benefitting from the health care. No wonder the responses to the tweet are in 100,000’s.

Marco Rubio who hasn’t responded to anything constructive for the first time spoke out against a “music video”, the irony of that is making waves too.

Looks like drama in the US isn’t ending anytime soon.


Watch the “Lavender” by Snoop Video:


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