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South African Pastor Using Doom Insecticide To Heal Followers

Crazy but insane pastor by the names of Lethebo Rabalago, of the Mount Zion General Assembly (MZGA) church, uses insecticide on his followers in the name of healing their illnesses.

Lethebo who is in Limpopo, openly posted photographs on his Facebook page of him spraying congregates with Doom Super Multi Insect Killer to cure various ailments.

We are not sure whether the followers of this church are just desperate or too stupid to see an act of insanity. Many of our African people have fallen for these so called false prophets and yet they still don’t learn a thing.

Uganda alone is flooded with more than 100 so called prophets across the country claiming  to heal and provide powers of great magnitude.

 South African spraying Doom insecticide in the faces of the congregates

A post from Saturday was captioned as if quoting a congregate, saying:

“I came here with a pain on my back and stomach. Now, after the prophet sprayed me with Doom I am healed. My nose was blocked since last week, but after the prophet sprayed me with Doom I feel coming out of my nose. I thank God for healing me.”


When reached by phone, Rabalago declined to answer CNN‘s questions about his use of bug spray and hung up. MZGA could not be reached for comment, but in an interview with South African TV channel eNCA Rabalago said that God had told him to use Doom, and that he had healed countless people using it.

In a press statement, Doom manufacturer Tiger Brands said that it found the practice “alarming and extremely concerning” adding that it is “unsafe to spray Doom Super Multi Insect killer or any other aerosol spray for that matter, into people’s faces.”

It also advises that if the insecticide is sprayed into someone’s face, they should wash their face and/or wash out their eyes immediately, and to avoid excessive inhalation.

South Africans have strongly condemned the practice, taking to social media to voice their disbelief and concern.

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