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Top 10 Ugandan Websites 2016

Last time we covered the Top 10 Most Viewed Websites in Uganda 2016 which included a full list of unfiltered results from our research showing both local and international websites.

In this list we cover only the top local Ugandan websites that are viewed most and rank highest on the web.

Top Searched Ugandan Websites for 2016


The official website for the “Nation Media”’s biggest newspaper in Uganda, The Daily Monitor. They were known to reveal the most inciting news yet very true, today we aren’t so sure but clearly the Ugandan population still thinks so as it is the most viewed local website.


“New Vision” is a state owned media company and is one of Uganda’s largest newspapers. This is why it is one of the top websites that are viewed so as to find information and keep up to date with the latest news in Uganda.


“The Weekly Observer” is an East African newspaper that comes out every Thursday, however their website tries to update the news updates regularly and is greatly trusted by its readers.


“Uganda Online” started as blog and now claims to have transformed into a gossip website with lots of celeb news and rumors that will get your ear itching. It seems many Ugandans come to terms with its terrible interface for its juicy gossip.


The main website for the “DFCU (Development & Financing Company of Uganda) Bank” which not so long ago split from “Housing Finance” and started as a small bank along Jinja road.

Now it has grown into a large bank with its own state of the art offices, great offers and a great number of customers who are probably accessing its services and products through its website.

Uganda is one the smallest countries in Africa with a steady growing population switching Internet connected devices

Top 10 Ugandan Websites 2016 | Spur Magazine
Kampala City, the capital of Uganda is one of the rapidly developing cities of Africa.


“HiPipo” started as a small blog keeping the Ugandans abroad updated about what was happening in Uganda’s entertainment, gossip, celeb and music scene. The number grew so high it even got a better website (Thank Jesus!) and now has grown to host downloads and its own awards.


“About Uganda” is a travel agency providing information on hotels, national parks, flights, tour operators and safaris. However over the years it has grown to expand its information to be news like, including real estate, agriculture, fashion and other things probably to survive the scorching competition from competitors.


“Stanbic Bank” is a member of “Standard Bank Group Africa” and is Uganda’s largest bank by both assets and number of branches ever since it bought “Grindlays Bank” in 1991 and “Uganda Commercial Bank (UCB)” in 2002. It has a great amount of on-line banking features for its customers and many potential clients look it up every day.


We are as surprised as you but apparently very many people in Uganda look up news and information about education in Uganda such as sector review, strategic plans, the departments, sports, education statistics, school calendar, scholarships, staff details and so much more.


The finance website shows news and information about the national budget, economic performance, initiatives, projects, documents, events and other stuff. Ugandans love money, they also love to know how to make it, spend it and where their taxes go!

Other worth including:

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