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Trump’s Daughter to Serve as First Lady

As Ivanka Trump gears to a possible role of first lady as Melanie Trump is to stay in New York till son Barron finishes school. Many wonder how the oldest elected president of the US will take charge of office without his first lady.

Ivanka Is currently on a house hunt in Washington D.C with husband Jared Kushner.

It won’t be the first time the US president assumes office without his first lady as Grover Cleveland entered the oval office a bachelor.

There have been 23 times when the first lady of the US is not married to the president.

Let’s not forget that Martha Randolph acted upon the role as her father Thomas Jefferson was president. Her mother Martha Jefferson died in 1782 and asked her husband never to marry again. Jefferson granted her request even upon assuming office.

If it does come to Ivanka, let’s give her a try.

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Trump’s Daughter to Serve as First Lady 1

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