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Uganda Ranks Tenth in Fastest Mobile Internet Speed in Africa

2018 has been an eventful year for internet growth in Africa and Uganda with a 20% increase in mobile phone users and GSMA Intelligence reporting that 60% of the mobile connections are now broadband.

This ranking is based on a monthly updated list by Speedtest Intelligence with the fastest average mobile download speed in Africa being 22.42Mbps in the first quarter of 2018. The speeds have increased by more than 30% since 2017.

Uganda which is estimated to have close to 17 million people connected to the internet out of its 34 million population ranks 115th on the global mobile internet connectivity insights and 10th in Africa. Out of the 17 million, 2.8 million people use social media and 2.6 million of these are on Facebook according to recent social media and internet report stats earlier this year.

Below is the list of countries and their mobile Internet speeds based on results from May, 2018:

14. Libya

Download speed: 4.31Mbps | Upload speed: 1.25Mbps

13. Algeria

Download speed: 7.53Mbps | Upload speed: 4.86Mbps

12. Ghana

Download speed: 7.88Mbps | Upload speed: 4.27Mbps

11. Senegal

Download speed: 8.25Mbps | Upload speed: 4.19Mbps

10. Uganda

Download speed: 8.55Mbps | Upload speed: 3.96Mbps

9. Tanzania

Download speed: 9.13Mbps | Upload speed: 4.94Mbps

8. Nigeria

Download speed: 10.04Mbps | Upload speed: 4.23Mbps

7. Namibia

Download speed: 10.82Mbps | Upload speed: 8.19Mbps

6. Mauritius

Download speed: 13.24Mbps | Upload speed: 5.84Mbps

5. Côte d’Ivoire

Download speed: 14.71Mbps | Upload speed: 8.46Mbps

4. Kenya

Download speed: 15.39Mbps | Upload speed: 7.82Mbps

3. Egypt

Download speed: 15.89Mbps | Upload speed: 7.67Mbps

2. Morocco

Download speed: 18.52Mbps | Upload speed: 9.08Mbps

1. Tunisia

Download speed: 19.21Mbps | Upload speed: 7.99Mbps


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Uganda Ranks Tenth in Fastest Mobile Internet Speed in Africa 1

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