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Uganda Sugar Prices Increase

Sugar is one of the main necessities in life and just recently according to Daily Monitor there is a big time shortage which is causing prices to increase beyond normal.

Uganda has produced 450,000 tonnes of sugar this year compared to the annual production of 500,000 tonnes.

According to the chairpseron of Uganda Sugar Manufacturers Association, “Increased regional demands for sugar and low production have pushed Uganda’s sugar price up because we export 25 per cent of our sugar to countries such as Kenya, Congo, Rwanda, and South Sudan.”


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It is also believed that most of the sugarcane comes from Busoga region and this time production is just no enough, that and also the poor performance of the Uganda Shilling against the dollar. Currently you need shs.3,600 to buy $1.

All this couldn’t happen at a worse time than towards Christmas when most businesses such as bakeries, juice manufacturers and homes will be celebrating the festive season.

Prices might go higher than now as traders buy and hold excess sugar so that they make more money during scarcity.

Whatever happens, let’s pray it is not 2011 all over again.

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