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Villagers Forced To Pay for Mugabe’s Birthday

According to reports by a human rights group, villagers were forced to pay for president Mugabe’s expensive 92nd birthday bash.

Community Tolerance, Reconciliation and Development (Conrad), a human rights group alleged that the Zanu-PF youths were forcing villagers to donate $1 per household, while civil servants were being told to donate $3.

Villagers that resisted to denote were harshly mistreated by the Zanu-PF party youths according to News Day. As the organisers of President Robert Mugabe’s 92nd birthday were struggling to raise the proposed $800 000 for the celebrations, they took it upon themselves to force the villagers into funding the party.


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The birthday is to held at Mucheke stadium in Masvingo province on February 28.

“The expensive birthday bash, which is earmarked for Masvingo, is underfunded and the Zanu-PF apparatchiks are now employing thuggish fundraising tactics to raise the money.”

Those who resisted faced “unprecedented harassment”, Cotrad was quoted saying.

This kind of injustice in a country which is already struggling to stay afloat in the failing economy shows how bad the Mugabe regime is and this won’t go unnoticed by those already frustrated by the current government.

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