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Vison Group Bans Frank Gashumba


Frank Gashumba received a painful dose from Vision Group boss, Robert Kabushenga when he was denied access to the offices by security officers.

Kabushenga placed an order to all the editors, security officers and managers of TV stations under Vision group never to allow Frank Gashumba anywhere near their premises. The directive came at around 6pm yesterday after Kabushenga learning that Bukedde TV was planning to host Gashumba later in the night.

The poor fellow was caught off guard when Kabushenga immediately sent instructions to all the stakeholders in the media houses ordering them never to host Gashumba without stating any reason.

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Reports claim that Gashumba was planning to release some secrets about the president’s history since his rise to power on live television that day and he had already informed his fans to stay tuned to Bukedde TV.

However, Kabushenga wasn’t in the moods for such foolery and issued orders banning Gashumba from Vision Group offices.

The funny question here is, who in their right mind would go ahead and plan to release secrets about the president who owns large shares in the Vision Group.


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