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What Are the Least Corrupt African Countries in 2018?

We always read about the most corrupt countries in Africa and Uganda never fails to disappoint, but have you wondered about the countries in Africa with the lowest level of corruption?

If so, this list of the top 10 least corrupt African countries in 2018 is for you. It is based on ranking by the international nonprofit organisation, Transparency International.

The rank measures corruption based on the Corruption Perceptions Index score of 0 – 100 with 0 being most corrupt and 100 being least corrupt, of course it is hard to score 100.

1. Botswana (score 61)
2. Seychelles (score 60)
3. Cape Verde (score 55)
4. Rwanda (score 55)
5. Namibia (score 51)
6. Mauritius (score 50)
7. Sao Tome & Principe (score 46)
8. Senegal (score 45)
9. South Africa (score 43)
10. Burkina Faso (score 42)

Botswana maintains the first position for another time in a row after improving its legal institutions to deal with misuse of public funds following popular corruption scandals in the 1990’s.

Gabarone city, Botswana
Gabarone city, Botswana

A research showed that 97% of people queried in Botswana didn’t feel the need to bribe someone in government to get a payment, loan, employment or necessity.

Rwanda and Cape Verde tied in the third position with the same score of 55. It is widely known that Rwanda’s government has a record of zero nonsense towards indiscipline and 97.3% of Rwandan respondents in the research were confident in its efforts to curb corruption.

Imagine our shock when we saw South Africa on the list, with several public scandals involving the Gupta family and former South African president Zuma as well as the failure to curb the water crisis. Efforts that led to the removal of Richard Zuma this year however show strict progress compared to other African states.

African countries still have a long way to go to catch international countries between the score of 80 – 100 like New Zealand (89), Denmark (88), Finland (85), Norway (85) and Switzerland (85).

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1. Transparency International’s CPI

What Are the Least Corrupt African Countries in 2018? 1

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