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Whatsapp’s New Status Update Pisses Off Users!

Facebook has been making a lot of updates to its Facebook app, Messenger, Instagram and last night it made updates to the Whatsapp Messenger app.

Many people woke up excited to a new update not knowing they had been betrayed.

Whatsapp updated and added several new features, one of the most outstanding being the new stories status update which allows the users to use gifs, videos, photos which can include emojis, drawings or captions on them valid for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, they disappear, sounds familiar? Yes, this feature has been copied from Snapchat and Instagram.

The official Whatsapp blog went on to detail more of the features, such as end to end encryption for the status and the ability to control who exactly can see the status update.

We won’t get in detail on the large size of the update, we would rather you enjoy the surprise. Whatsapp rolled out these features on Android, iOS and Windows devices globally.

The Whatsapp users have already gone up in a frenzy and uproar on Twitter about the complexity of the new app, lack of originality and how they miss the old text status feature.

At the moment more than 946,000 people are talking about this on Twitter.

We wonder how families will take all this in, since Snapchat and Instagram were the “Teen” apps and Whatsapp the only app where you could keep it down-low with your family and parents.

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Some of our favourite Twitter gags


Talk about heartbroken, Whatsapp ain’t loyal

It’s copying all the way


We will keep watching the space to see how Facebook/Whatsapp respond to this, they might just let it burn out as people adjust. If you are reading this and aren’t ready for this craze, you might as well hold on to update.

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