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Why Pastor Bujjingo Burnt Bibles

Aloysius Bugingo, the senior pastor of House of Prayer Ministries recently burnt numerous bibles that he deemed misleading to the public.

The incident attracted a lot of attention which led to some members calling upon the relevant authorities to prevail upon such a radical pastor.

Based on reports, the reason behind the burning of the bibles started as a campaign a few months ago when Pastor Bujjingo proclaimed that the word “Holy Ghost” could not mean the same as “Holy Spirit” and therefore a blasphemous term.


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Pastor Bujjinjo says that the word holy ghost is commonly used in King James Bible version and its one of the reasons as to why he burnt it.

Aloysius had consequently told his followers to collect and bring all the condemned bible versions to him which they did at his Canaan land where prayers are always held.

The pastor then gathered all the Bibles as they had been brought to him and he set them on fire as his followers looked on.

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