Zari Hassan wes in secret.
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Zari Hassan Weds King Bae Secretly

Zari Hassan and her mysterious husband aka King Bae held a private wedding recently like she had promised leaving most of her fans in shock.

Ever since the wedding took place, the only images showing up online are those of Zari wearing a floral gown and what seemed to be a royal kind of wedding outfit including a diamond ring.

We are not sure whether the diamond ring was direct pun at Diamond Platnumz. However, jokes aside, many of the fans hoped that during the ceremony the mysterious King Bae would be unveiled but seeing how things turned out, Zari is holding back a lot of information about it.

According to reports by Uganda Online, Zari and the groom went to the Department of Home Affairs where they were awarded a marriage certificate after exchanging vows. The wedding took place at Nelson Mandela

Zari Hassan and mysterious lover in picture.
Zari Hassan and King Bae with her wedding ring shown on the right.

Reports also state that a party will be held at later date to celebrate the event but no specific date has been confirmed yet.

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Zari Hassan Weds King Bae Secretly 1

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