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Mayweather Could Return to Shut McGregor

He is the only man that could tempt me out of retirement’’, these were the words of 5 weight boxing world champion Floyd Mayweather as he talked about UFC Conor McGregor.

Floyd went ahead put his money where his mouth is by backing them with a 54,300,000,000 Uganda shillings ($ 15 million) offer for McGregor to face him. McGregor however wants 362,000,000,000 Uganda shillings ($ 100 million) to put Floyd out of his misery.

McGregor became the UFC’s first and only simultaneous two weight champion in history back in November of last year.  He challenged Floyd to a fight under mixed martial art rules and his boxing license has been granted by the California State Athletic Commission allowing him to box in the US State.

Mayweather retired in 2015 with undefeated 49 matches equal to Rocky Marciano’s record after beating Andre Berto.

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