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Google Allo Now Available on Chrome Browser

Google Allo, the messaging app that Google revealed later this year is now available beginning today on Chrome web browser.

Google Allo is only available for Android users at the moment and can be accessed through the Chrome Browser and you can only install it by scanning a QR code on your Android phone.

For those wondering about Apple, the app isn’t available yet for the iPhone users who have been left out for now.

Allo is Google’s smart messaging app with plenty of stickers, adjustable text sizes, and Gmail-style Smart Reply that lets you reply with a single tap. As the site explains, Allo “learns if you’re more of a ‘haha’ or ‘lol’ person so the more you use Google Allo, the more ‘you’ the suggestions become.”

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The app supports the Google Assistant, making this the first official time that the Google Assistant is coming to desktop. It can help suggest movies and restaurants inside the chat.

Allo, just like Chrome, also has an incognito mode for chats, allowing you to set them to expire and have private notifications.

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