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Simple Steps to Help You Keep Your Android Device Safe

Of the two popular mobile OS providers, Android and iOS, the former has been noted to be less secure than the latter. This may or may not be attributed to the fact that the Android Operating System is open source – meaning the code is made freely available and anyone can see and use it.

Besides the flexibility that it affords developers, this feature makes it easy for attackers to perfectly orchestrate their attacks against users of the operating system.

Threats Faced by Android OS users

As a result, Android users are often exposed to a couple of threats. Outlined below are some of them:

1. Malware attacks

Malware attacks are rather prevalent in Android devices of late, leaving over 1 billion Android users at risk of being attacked. This is due to the fact that these users are still on the Android version 6 or lower – and these versions no longer receive security updates from Google.

2. Malicious applications

It is relatively easy for developers to upload their application onto the Google PlayStore, therefore, giving the opportunity for a lot of cybercriminals to make malicious applications available for download. Unsuspecting users download them and this way, the criminals gain access to the data stored on the phone.

3. Android OS is open source

The open-source property of the Android OS allows users to root their phones. This feature affords users with flexibility but can cause severe damage if some core applications or processes are deleted. This makes the operating system more vulnerable to direct attacks from the Internet.

Securing Your Android Device

Keeping your Android device secure is rather paramount – given the recent wave of cyberattacks flooding the Internet. Highlighted below are some tips to stay safe:

  • Install a VPN for your Android device. This helps encrypt your browsing data.
  • Install security updates for your device regularly.
  • Verify the source of every Android application before installing them.
  • Avoid downloading attachments from emails or the internet without verifying the sender.

It may not be easy for some to ensure that all the above tips are met but at least try your level best to stay alert for any cyberattacks or malicious applications being installed on your device operating system. Keep your device up to date and ensure you get all the essential security updates to protect your device from attackers.


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