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9 Tech Accessories Your Child Will Need for the New School Year


Back to school can be exciting for kids but not always for parents. Dealing with the transition from lazy summer days to the hustle and bustle of a new school year, homework, and plenty of other responsibilities can sometimes be daunting. And gone are the days where you would send your child to school with an almost empty backpack for them to have space for their school-issued textbooks.

Now, you have to prepare and send your child ready with their laptop neatly tucked in their backpacks. Below are some tech accessories your child will likely need this upcoming school year.

Tech Accessories Your Child Will Need for the New School Year

1. Tablet

With the increased use of technology and apps in the classroom, tablets are becoming must-have items for students. They offer a lightweight, portable, and easy-to-use solution for all assignments.

Tablets also come with built-in cameras to capture special moments throughout the year that can easily be shared with friends and family. Because they are so lightweight and portable, they’re perfect for smaller children like kindergarten and second grade. Make sure the tablets have an attached Bluetooth keyboard since they will likely need it for working on some coursework.

2. Bluetooth Keyboard

Having a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard is especially important for children who will be using an Ipad or Tablet for school. Even though the tablets do support the apps necessary for most curriculums they are not easy to complete the work on.

Having a keyboard attachment will make all the difference when your child is working on their homework assignments.

3. Laptop

The days of kids’ handwriting assignments are over as more and more schools opt for a more technologically advanced curriculum. Assignments and classwork are now being done on a computer.

If your kid is going to be doing any writing or research on a computer, you’ll want to upgrade them from the tablet they use at home. While tablets are great for their portability and touchscreen capabilities, some kids may find it difficult to write an entire essay on one without feeling cramped.

You shouldn’t have to buy your kid a new laptop every year — most last around four years if well cared for before needing to be replaced — but it’s still an essential item that can make life easier. The school might issue a laptop, however, buying your child their own laptop helps you avoid having to buy insurance for the school-issued item and from beild liable for any potential damage.

4. Screen Protector

Children may not be as careful with their phones as you would like them to be, so investing in something that makes sure they don’t drop their devices is probably a good idea. Depending on your budget, you could choose something as simple as silicone skin or opt for something more rugged and protective.

Consider pairing your laptops with good customized laptop cases, preferably with a handle. Since a lot of kids toss everything including their water bottles into their backpack it is safest to carry the laptop in a case. This way you avoid any accidents like accidentally damaging the laptop with the spilt water.

5. Headphones

Any electronic device, such as a tablet or laptop that your child uses for schoolwork will likely produce sound. While this may be helpful on some occasions, it can also be disruptive to other students and distracting to the student using them.

Noise-cancelling headphones can help eliminate this distraction by allowing your child to listen to music or audio materials without disturbing others. Consider Bluetooth-capable headphones for longevity. Kids tend to damage the wires on wired headphones quite quickly, which usually results in having to frequently purchase replacements.

6. A Stylus Pen

The use of touchscreen devices in schools means that students are no longer just using pens and paper when they are carrying out work in school and at home. Your child may be using touchscreen tablets and smart boards in their classes, and they will need to have a stylus pen to make sure that they can use these devices effectively.

They can always use their hands, but the stylus ensures precision when making selections and it keeps the screens much cleaner. Having a stylus is especially important for younger children. Kids in kindergarten or first grade are just starting to learn how to operate tablets on a more sophisticated level. They will begin to learn how to select items, copy and paste, and having that stylus will really help them develop those fine motor skills.

9 Tech Accessories Your Child Will Need for the New School Year | Spurzine

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7. An External Hard Drive

A large part of student life is making sure you have enough storage for your coursework. Many students simply use their laptops to do this, but an external hard drive is a great way to expand your storage and ensure that you keep all of your important documents in one place. With the right external drive, you can take your work anywhere and access it on any computer.

External drives are best used for storing assignments, research papers, or anything that needs to be accessed across different devices. A reliable external drive will make sure that you always have a backup of your work. One of the last things a student needs is to lose important files before they’re due.

8. Portable Battery Pack

It’s not going to be uncommon for your child to use their smartphone throughout the day while they are walking to class or sitting in class taking notes. Because of this, their phone might run out of battery really fast.

This can cause them to miss an important call or text message from you when they are away at school. This is why it is a good idea for your child to have a portable battery pack so that they can charge their phone when it is running out of battery and make sure they stay connected with you at all times.

9. Anti-virus Software

When children are on the internet, they’re vulnerable to all sorts of viruses, malware, and spyware. While most schools have a pretty good firewall that can protect kids from these things, it’s better to be on the side of caution.

What if your child wants to bring their laptop home for homework? Or what if they’re working on a personal project unrelated to class work? It’s always best to have an extra layer of security that can block unauthorized users from accessing your child’s files.

Additional to the anti-virus software, you might want to consider parental controls. Since your child will be spending more time unattended on a device it could be a good idea to implement some parental controls to ensure they’re safely using the internet.


It’s true, that preparing your child for the new school year has changed. We are past the point of shopping for pencils, paper, and backpacks for back to school. And yes, it has gotten a little more expensive as technology advances and school requirements continue to change.

But with the right equipment and accessories, you can ensure they will last you a couple of years. Make sure to talk to your child and explain to them how to care for their devices and the importance of it. With these tips and accessories, your child will be ready to take on their new grade level.


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