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8 Things About Sex in Your 40s

Many people tend to think that after 40 years old their sexual life is over. But the reality is that people after their 40s can have even more sex than they had earlier.

You also need to know that sex after will be quite different from that you used to. In this article, we gathered eight things about sex in your 40s you should know.

1. You may need to work a bit harder

The decrease in hormone levels can make you be ready to have sex at any time. Both men and women experience certain hormonal fluctuations at the age of 40, which can lead to changes in sexual arousal, desire, and general physical pleasure during sex.

These hormonal fluctuations can make you feel that you need more stimulation during sexual activity or increased attention to sensory pleasures to get aroused.

2. Pay attention to your heart health

A healthy cardiovascular system is essential for sexual functioning. Maintaining good physical health is very important. This means that you should keep up with cardio but don’t neglect strength training as well.

You will have more energy for sexual activity and the belief that you look better always helps. Moreover, even going to the gym increases libido.

3. Women may have more orgasms

There is a myth that older women are not able to reach orgasm, but the reality is that women after their 40s can enjoy sex more than ever before. Orgasm becomes easier with practice, self-confidence, and comfort for some women.

That’s why many women can discover the second stage in their sexual experience because they already know how to reach orgasm and are not shy to make it happen.

4. Men can hold out longer

The decline in hormone levels during this decade has a positive side because men over 40 years can last much longer than in the past. When men get older, they can hold back an orgasm better. They can slow down and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

5. You may need to use lubricants or estrogen cream

Due to hormonal changes, sex becomes drier after the age of 40. Fluctuations in estrogen levels and irregular periods can cause discomfort. Moreover, the vaginal walls become thinner, more easily injured, and can bleed or tear more often.

Fortunately. there are several simple treatments for vaginal dryness like lubricants and estrogen cream.

6. Men should prevent erectile dysfunction

After the age of 40, some men experience difficulties with erection. This means that men may find their erections less firm or less reliable, and the time between erections can be quite long.

Before trying medications for erectile dysfunction, it is better to perform some lifestyle changes that can improve your sexual health. Studies indicate exercise and flavonoid-rich diets (with blueberries, red wine, and cherries) to help reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction.

7. Increased risk for getting STDs

If you think that STDs can cause problems only for 20-somethings, you should know that people over 40 are even more prone to get these infections. This can be a result of the predominance of erectile dysfunction medications, a decrease in the need for birth control and thinning of the vaginal tissues, which can make women more susceptible to STDs.

That’s why even if the chances of pregnancy are small, using condoms with a new partner and regular STD testing are required to maintain your health.

8. Sex is still important

Women in their 40s still consider sex to be a very important part of their relations. Great sex can’t happen just like that. This is the result of love and striving to develop a relationship.

It means from a romantic getaway to daily kisses. This means that you are helping to create your relationship and that if you don’t like something, you can change it.


Amelia Grant believes that information is a great force that is able to change people’s lives for the better. Check out her website blog for more.


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Author: Ameila Grant

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