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A Pass: Bebe Cool Is Very Local

A Pass went on a rampage and attacked Bebe Cool recently calling him local and saying that his music has failed to sell internationally.

The dancehall artist shared his opinions on various social media pages claiming that Bebe Cool had only succeeded in selling his music in Uganda only.

Recently A Pass said, he would take Ugandan music to the international scene and bragged how he is the best there is in the industry.

A Pass surprised everyone when he wrote this, “Am very happy to see that Bebe Cool is lifting Ugandan music and taking it places in Uganda. I will do the international part of it.”


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We are not sure how Bebe will react to this comment but his fans won’t be waiting for a response since they have in the past spoke their minds when their artiste is attacked.

A Pass has been for a while burning bridges and building up beef with other artists with his controversial social media posting especially on Twitter and Facebook.

We are yet to see a big battle arise between the Dance like This star and other artists soon since he has been full of himself in the past few months.

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