Fille's Cheating Scandal Probably Just A Stunt - Spur Magazine

Fille’s Cheating Scandal Probably Just A Stunt


Fille Mutoni has yet again landed herself into a shameful scandal when her whats-app messages between her and a mysterious lover were leaked.

Earlier this week, screen shots showing conversations between Fille and her Dubai lover were exposed for everyone to see. The screen shots taken show how the two exchanged explicit messages promising each other money and sex.

According to reports, the screen shots taken may be false and fabricated. The source behind the reports also claims that it’s just another public stunt by Fille and Kate so as to remain relevant in media.

Fille's Cheating Scandal Probably Just A Stunt - Spur Magazine

Fille’s whatsapp messages between her and the Dubai lover may probably just be a stunt to gain media attention. – Spur Magazine

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In 2016, Fille and Kats had an incident where the pictures of the boyfriend with a swollen face leaked stating that he had been beaten by is woman.

According to reports by Big Eye, when they investigated the incident further, it was reported that the two were joking and were trying to promote their song.

Well, it seems like Kats and Fille are willing to do anything to grab media attention which is quite sad really but, with recent developments we can’t firmly confirm whether Fille’s cheating scandal was true or just another stunt for cheap popularity.


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