A Pass Denounces All Presidents on Twitter.

A Pass Denounces All Presidents

A Pass isn’t ready for any nonsense come the 2021 elections and has taken a stance on Twitter to denounce all potential presidential candidates.

A Pass’ weekend tweet made lots of news around the social bubble when he called out to the likes of Sevo, Bobi Wine, Besigye including Chapa Karuhanga (whoever that is) saying we don’t need any president in 2021.

The popular tweet dubbed under hash tag #WeDontNeedApresident read;

Come 2021 we don’t need a president in Uganda ?? Tekyetagisa, Museveni, Bobi, Besigye, Chapa Karuhanga etc please mutulekemu. We need to be single for a few years. Our people need to be single in order to think about the next relationship. #Please

Well, we won’t say he made sense because every country needs at least a president or a leader to lead a country but for the case of Uganda, we surely do need a break. The pearl of Africa needs a single phase for maybe 2-3 years as we try to figure our sh#t out.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you think A Pass is right and Uganda needs a break from all these political hooligans?


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