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Angella Katatumba Sues Chicken Tonight

Angella Katatumba, a Ugandan singer and celeb has opened up a case against the Chicken Tonight Tonight Kabalagala branch after she was severely assaulted by staff.

A few days ago, Katatumba faced a barrage of slaps and kicks when her and the boyfriend were brutally decimated by four bouncers at Chicken Tonight.

The case against Chicken Tonight was opened up at Kabalagala police station under file number CRB353/18 demanding a compensation of 1billion shillings.

According to reports, the scandal that occurred at Chicken Tonight escalated into a heated argument and later a physical confrontation after Angella’s boyfriend Kuzi Kz threw a fit for being given Chlli sauce instead of Tomato sauce by waiter.

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The waiter later realised the mistake and apologised to Kuzi who wasn’t interested in hearing it and instead started a verbal fight which later turned physical.

The incident was captured on camera as Angella and Kuzi Kz were brutally beaten up by four bouncers at Chicken Tonight. Angela also claims that over 6 million shillings was stolen from her purse that day.

Watch video footage of Angella Katatumba’s beating here


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