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Bebe Cool Plans On Retiring from Music

Word on the street is that Gagamel boss, Bebe Cool has revealed his plans of retiring from active music after 2021 with reports coming from Big Eye of how the music artist spilled the beans to his close friends.

Bebe Cool’s intentions to retire were leaked by close friends while meeting at his residence in Kiwatule. According to reports, Bebe is looking at a focusing on a music producer career while running his own record label and grooming new artists.

“I can’t be jumping on stages, pulling off strokes after 45 years. I want to invest my next life into something that sticks for generations. People will still listen to my music when I am gone. But that’s a small part of the legacy. The best legacy is made through people. I want to be remembered through people. So I will dedicate myself to nurturing the next generation of talent,” Bebe Cool kept telling friends.

It is also believed that the Ugandan star plans on purchasing a huge piece of land so as to construct a music academy dedicated to nurturing young talented music artists of the next generation.

Bebe plans on starting his own music academy

Reports also that the music academy is visioned to be a state of art with up to standard facilities which will allow musicians to spend months working on quality music and enforce self-discipline.

“People should enjoy these few years that I am giving them. I am basically left with two years of an active Bebe Cool. People should treat these two years with extra care. Because after these two years, you will see a new Bebe Cool, this Bebe Cool will be seen through his products, the musicians he will have groomed,” he said.

Well, if the reports are true, then we can’t wait to see what the Wire Wire has in stock for the Ugandan music industry come 2021.


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