The Best UG Coronavirus Songs 2020 3

The Best UG Coronavirus Songs 2020

As the year 2020 dawned on us, many weren’t expecting to spend it indoors under strict guidelines due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that has engulfed the world. Governments and health agencies are doing their best to contain the situation through different means by informing the public about the deadly coronavirus, and how to keep […]

Bebe Cool to Team Up with Other Artists On Coronavirus Song | Spurzine
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Bebe Cool Teams Up with Other Artists On Coronavirus Song

Bebe Cool is taking a stance against the coronavirus pandemic through his music with the latest reports suggesting that the 42-year-old is reaching out to various music artists to raise awareness about COVID-19. The much-anticipated song is to be called Corona Distance and was released days ago to raise awareness about the deadly virus that […]

Kerere Lyrics – Bebe Cool And Gravity Omutujju | Spurzine

Kerere – Bebe Cool And Gravity Omutujju Lyrics

INTRO Mad x3 [Bebe Cool]   [Gravity Omutujju] Kerere Balinakerere Mad x3 [Bebe Cool] Kerere[Brrrr!!] Ensiyakoowakerere   [Bebe Cool] Yoyo[kerere] Kaysam Problem [kerere] Bebe Cool Banton[kerere] Gravity, mash it! [Let them feel]   CHORUS [Bebe Cool] Boogerannyobalinakerere[kerere] Baleekaanabasinga ne kukengere[kerere] Demah talk, ah shout kambalangire[kerere] Era balingaabalikoemmandule[kerere]   [Gravity Omutujju] Boogerannyobalinakerere[kerere] Bawogganabasinga ne kukengere[kerere] Dem […]