Cindy Sanyu and Sheebah Karungi make peace with another.

Cindy Sanyu And Sheebah Karungi Make Peace

Cindy Sanyu and Sheebah Karungi seem to have made peace with one another recently and it could mark the end of their beef battle that has been raging on this year with so many verbal attacks via social media.

The two singers surprised fans when they had a peace binding moment on social media after Sheebah shared a video on her social media of herself dancing to Cindy’s latest hit single, “Boom Party”.

In the video, Sheebah is overheard applauding Cindy’s new song saying it is a hit without debate. “Cindy, this is a hit”,  she said.

I am not even gonna pretend like this didn’t shock me. I am definitely mind blown but mostly I am glad you like it. Thanks, Sheebahricherthisyear for showing support for my new single Boom Party.

A video of Sheebah dancing to Cindy’s Boom Party hit single

Hopefully, this is a sign the that two have put aside their differences and are ready to move forward and forget about the past beef they had with one another.


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Cindy Sanyu And Sheebah Karungi Make Peace 1

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