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Daddy Andre Facing Accusations For Stealing Song

Music producer, Daddy Andre has again hit the headlines and this time around its all about him stealing songs from other upcoming artists which has become one of he’s specialties.

According to reports by Big Eye, Daddy Andre is in a lot of trouble and could face some serious backlash due to accusations against him for selling a song that belonged to another upcoming music artist to a prominent singer.

The artist whose song was illegally sold hasn’t been confirmed yet but reports state that Daddy Andre double crossed a certain upcoming female singer and sold her hit song to another.

The track in question was originally supposed to be a collabo titled, “Nsitula” but Andre changed the title and a few lines and later sold it someone else.

In 2018, Daddy Andre came under attack after they he was accused of double crossing some artists over the song, “You And Me” which he sang with Lydia Jazmine. It seems like the pattern will continue to repeat itself and we won’t be surprised if more artists came out accusing Andre over other song stealing.


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