George Clooney Throws Shade at Donald Trump for Claiming He ‘Made Juneteenth’ Famous | Spurzine

George Clooney Throws Shade at Donald Trump for Claiming He ‘Made Juneteenth’ Famous

Veteran American actor George Clooney threw some serious shade at Donald Trump recently after the president made some intensive remarks about making a widely celebrated African American historical holiday event famous.

The 59-year-old actor mocked Donald Trump for his lack of respect for Juneteenth, a holiday event celebrated by many across America. The actor also responded by making a massive donation towards a racial justice initiative.

Trump had tried to take credit for making the Juneteenth holiday ‘famous’ which pissed off many including Clooney. The beef came about after the president’s administration tried scheduling a campaign rally in Tulsa, on the same day as the holiday event which was meant with a lot of backlash.

George Clooney being Clooney, clapped back at President Donald Trump after he claimed that he “did something good” by making Juneteenth “very famous.” June 19 is the date that recognizes the emancipation of the last remaining slaves in the United States in 1865.

George used Trump’s wild boast to throw shade at him for now being associated with the holiday for all of the wrong reasons, and he made his statement clear enough to send an echo throughout the media.

George Clooney mocks President Donald Trump over Juneteenth

According to the actor: “Thank you, President Trump, for ‘making Juneteenth famous.’ Much like when Bull Connor made ‘Civil Rights’ famous. My family will be donating 500 thousand dollars to the Equal Justice Initiative in honour of your heroic efforts,” George announced in a statement to PEOPLE magazine on June 19.

The president’s remarks were met with a lot of backlashes because the city where his team was planning to hold their campaign rally has a dark history when it comes to racial segregation and injustice against Black people.

In 1921, Tulsa city experienced what some call imaginable racial carnage and destruction after a White mob burned down the majority of the city’s thriving Black Greenwood area, leaving at least 39 people dead, another 800 injured and nearly all of the neighbourhood’s Black-owned businesses in ashes.

Donald Trump Attacked by Tweeters for Racist Comment | Spurzine
NEW YORK, NY – AUGUST 15: US President Donald Trump speaks following a meeting on infrastructure at Trump Tower, August 15, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

So, the fact that Trump’s campaign team was willing to run a rally on the same day as Juneteenth was extremely insensitive since most of his followers are predominantly White conservatives. George Clooney mocking Trump was definitely worth it.

Trump bragged to the Wall Street Journal‘s Michael C. Bender in an interview conducted on June 16 that, “I did something good. I made it famous. I made Juneteenth very famous. It’s actually an important event, it’s an important time. But nobody had heard of it. Very few people have heard of it. Actually, a young African-American Secret Service agent knew what it was. I had political people who had no idea.”

Source: Hollywood Reporter


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George Clooney Throws Shade at Donald Trump for Claiming He ‘Made Juneteenth’ Famous 1

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