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Geosteady Dumped by Bae

Geosteady has finally come to terms with his breakup as he recently revealed that his longtime fiancee, Prim dumped him seven months ago for a new guy.

The Owooma star decided to come clean and face the facts about the breakup. According to reports, Geosteady says he has already moved on and he is ready to build a new life as a single man.

There are also reports that Geosteady is not in the moods to explain himself or to anyone what he feels about the breakup and he doesn’t like talking about his personal problems in public.

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Geosteady Dumped by Bae - Spur Magazine
Geosteady and Prim in their good times.

Understand that not everything is meant to be understood. Don’t try to make sense out of your past, just learn from it and move forward.” he posted on his Instagram account.

Later this year, Geosteady will be launching his annual concert on 8th September so, don’t miss out the exciting occasion. We hope he finds new love along his journey.

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