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Ziza Bafana Arrested for Drunk Driving

Ziza Bafana was caught off guard by the law when he was arrested for driving under the influence during the weekend in the wee hours of the morning.

According to reports, the dance hall star wasn’t fully aware of what was going on by the time the Ugandan traffic police apprehended him. He was too high to even make sense of the situation and what he was being arrested for.

The police recently has been on an operation known as the Fika Salama to curb drivers who drive under the influence so as to reduce on the rate of accidents during weekends.

Ziza was not lucky this weekend and he fell victim to the operation. A warning to all those planning to go drinking all day and expect to drive back to their homes all drunk and confused.

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Ziza Bafana Arrested for Drunk Driving 1

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