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Is Rihanna Really Pregnant?


Rihanna is in for a ride of her life as rumors circulating all over the web due to a picture leaked online may indicate she is pregnant.

A picture surfaced online on May 28 that had the fans buzzing around that she is pregnant with her first child or perhaps skipping the gym and giving into a few more cheat days than before.

Based on reports by Hollywood Life, Rihanna, 29 is definitely beautiful and looks gorgeous but a recent picture of the “Sex with Me” singer shows her looking more full-figured than usual.


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Her fans are running wild with speculation that she could be hiding a baby bump under her baggy, light blue shirt and using her purse to cover it up. “She looking real pregnant,” one follower commented, noting that her face is “filling out.”

Is Rihanna Really Pregnant? - Spur Magazine

“Who is she pregnant from?” another wondered. Others disagreed, writing that she is simply giving into the “munchies” or has stopped caring about her “superficial celebrity appearance.

There’s so much pressure in Hollywood to look perfect, work out daily, and stick to the strictest diet. Who could blame Rihanna for chilling?

However, if the American star is really pregnant then who could be the baby daddy? Is it Drake or probably Chris Brown. With the recent rumors and sightings of her with Chris and then Drake maybe one of them probably laid the egg.

Is Rihanna Really Pregnant? - Spur Magazine

Drake recently referred to Nicki Minaj as the love of his life at the Billboard Music Awards which wouldn’t sit well with Rihanna if he actually turns out to be the father. But if it’s Chris Brown, then that would actually work out pretty well considering the two have maintained a great and flirty friendship over the years.

Well, with no way of really telling whether Rihanna is really pregnant or not, let’s wait a few more months and see how far her belly grows.


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