Zari Hassan Pregnant with Third Child - Spur Magazine

Zari Hassan Pregnant with Third Child


Zari Hassan just recently lost her ex-lover Ivan Ssemwanga but as things turn out, life has to move on and she is pregnant with a third child.

According to reports, Diamond Plantinumz is the father which makes it their third child in the three-year relationship. So, that makes it six children of her own.

In light of recent events, with Zari burying her ex-lover Ivan and making a dramatic entrance at the burial. Nature is so surprising, as one life ends another is created to fill the void.

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Zari Hassan Pregnant with Third Child - Spur Magazine

Ivan Ssemwanga and Zari Hassan in their happier days.

Ivan Ssemwanga, 39 had suffered a stroke that had left him a coma for several days in a South African hospital but later passed on Thursday, May 25.

As the Tanzanian singer welcomes his third child, it’s during these moments where Zari is known for making disappearing stunts but hopefully it won’t happen this time around.

Congratulations to both Zari and Diamond as they continue to build a family together and may their relationship grow stronger than ever despite the recent saddening events.


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