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Jose Chameleone to Retire from Music

Joseph Mayanga aka Jose Chameleone, one of Uganda’s leading top music artists has dared to retire if his upcoming concert flops.

Chameleone has been working really hard recently and based on reports gathered by our sources, he is gearing up for his concert titled, ‘Legend’ which is happening on the 30th June this year.

The Ugandan star has dared to retire if the Legend concert flops. Rumor has it that all this drama is originating from the Sipapa saga which failed to gain him enough publicity and after that, it was followed by his divorce drama.

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A lot has happened in Chameleone’s camp this year not forgetting where he attacked David Lutaalo and was quoted to have said, “David Lutaalo is a cat musically and am the Lion”.

Jose later on this year appeared at the 77DOGS mass at Pastor Kayanja’s church so as to get saved from his demons. Is it just him pulling a stunt and looking for attention or he is actually serious about quitting his music career for good.

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