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Judith Heard Fires Back at Thai Consulate for Denying Ugandans Visas

Over the weekend, Judith Heard took her battles to social media accusing the Thai Consulate in Uganda for discrimination and misconduct against Ugandans applying for Visas.

The Thai Consulate came under serious scrutiny with various allegations against it regarding mistreatment of Ugandans who have been denied Visas constantly over what Judith Heard considered as a “personal vendetta.”

According to Chano 8, a lady by the names of Barbara Mulwana has been pointed out as the problem behind the Visa application issues with many Ugandans complaining of her “miss conduct”. It was also reported that Mulwana has on several occasions denied Ugandans Visas to the Asian country under unclear circumstances.

Other Ugandans including Judith Heard herself also accused the lady in question for being arrogant and disrespectful towards her own people when it came to applying for Visas.

Judith Heard has been one of the few Ugandans to publicly reveal their concerns about the Thai consulate

The Ugandan super model wasn’t pleased with how things were handled at the Thai consulate and decided to take her concerns on social media so as to gain public attention about the matter.

The issue about the consulate came to light after a long statement released by Heard started to circulate around social media gaining a lot of attention. In her statement, she was quoted to have said;

“This woman has turned the office of the Thai Honorary Consulate into her vendetta business. She is no longer issuing Visas on merit – She even bragged to her receptionist that if someone isn’t in my good book – No Visa! Today she denied everyone who applied for the Visa (15 People) just because they were going to a party in Thailand”. Heard said.

According to reports, Judith Heard also claims that the same lady has made it difficult for Ugandans applying for Visas at the Thai Consulate in Kenya too. The Ugandan model also declared it her mission to expose Barbra for her misconduct and calls for government intervention into the matter.

“We need to expose this woman and also report her misconduct to Thailand authorities who gave her the mandate to issue visas to Ugandans going to Thailand.

The long statement by Judith Heard continued to read;

“She then closed the office and said she would return on the 10th Feb 2020 – Indicating that if you need a visa to Thailand urgent, you won’t get it. Thailand is a holiday destination and Visas should be readily attainable, but our cold-hearted Ugandans are again disfranchising fellow Ugandans.

What’s wrong with Ugandans? Someone gives you an office to serve people, and you abuse those powers like some Demi-
god? You treat fellow Ugandans like there beneath you just because you have the mandate to issue visas? To make
matters worse, I have it on good authority that she has also instructed the Kenyan Thai Consulate to deny any Ugandan
who reapplies in Kenya.

So we’re supposed to travel on 14th Feb 2020, and we’re now looking for an alternative. We have also called the Thailand Authorities, and they advised that if you have a hotel + flight + 500 BHT per day, a visa shouldn’t be denied – So what reasons does she have”

The Thai consulate hasn’t released a press release yet about the matter.


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