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Mathias Walukaga Seeks Help From His Ancestors

Mathias Walukaga, a kadongo kamu artist took his prayer sessions to another level after pictures of him kneeling before his mother’s grave seeking for divine intervention were leaked online.

According to Ug Blizz, the kadongo kamu star has a concert coming up soon dubbed ‘Ndikibuulirani maama wotali’ which is taking place on the 13th of April 2018 at Calendar bar.

Walukaga spent his entire Thursday afternoon uprooting weeds surrounding his late mother’s grave as a way of paying tribute to attain blessings for his anticipated concert.

His late mother, Stefania Namuyimbwa Namugalu died in April, 2017 which is one of the reasons as to why Walukaga chose to schedule his concert in the same month. The singer’s mother was laid to rest in Masaka district in 2017.

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This concert will be a tribute to his departed mother as way of showing his appreciation for all the love he received from her.

‘Ndikibuulirani maama wotali’ literally meaning ‘Whom will I tell how good mother you are in your absence’ is a massive hit among many Ugandans due to its rich powerful message that talks about the struggles mothers face in raising children.

The concert is happening this Friday at Calendar bar with tickets going down for 10k and 20k respectively.

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